Ethical Policy

Our ethical principles are the values that set the ground rules for all that we do as a company. Hemp By Nature was created with these values at its core and the business was built on those foundations. As we seek to achieve success through responsible commercial growth, it is important to remain mindful of why HBN was founded, its impact on people and the environment, and what it can do to promote positive change.



We value honesty and transparency in our relationships with suppliers and customers and do not say things that are false or intended to deliberately mislead those around us. We are open and direct in our communication and freely share information.

We strive to promote a healthy lifestyle through dialogue, our product choices and the sharing of informative articles.



We understand our customers and support their aims. We are committed to providing a high-quality, organic source of hemp that is as affordable as possible and recognise the importance of helping consumers to make well informed decisions about their purchases.

We go to great lengths to keep our commitments and will not make promises that can’t be kept.



We maintain an awareness of the needs of others and act to meet those needs whenever possible. We understand that some information may be given to us in confidence and respect that privacy in order to minimise harm and remain consistent with our commitment to social responsibility.

We work to ensure that we offer a variety of product options to increase accessibility to hemp and CBD, and we never take advantage of vulnerable people.



As part of our conscious commitment to the environment we are constantly looking at ways to limit our consumption of resources and reduce waste.

We do this by:

  1. Using minimal packaging and avoiding single-use plastic. Any packaging we use is re-usable and recyclable from home, or home compostable.
  2. Offering a bottle refill service and the option to purchase items with reduced packaging.
  3. Minimising the use of takeaway cups at events by offering reusable alternatives and real crocks on deposit. Any disposables we do offer are plant-based and compostable.
  4. Taking responsibility for our waste by providing bins for disposables to be hot composted back at the HBN garden.
  5. Acting as a consultancy to other businesses and advising on solutions to the excess creation of waste.
  6. Investigating alternative fuels and aiming for a realistic reduction in energy-related transport CO2 emissions.



We believe in the universal right to economic and social justice, self-empowerment and freedom from exploitation and it is vital that these beliefs resonate through our entire supply chain.

We work directly with the farmers in France and Spain that grow the hemp for our oils, balms and teas and can ensure full traceability down to the harvest.

Our hemp bags are handmade in Nepal and we support several communities and small coops through steady employment despite the lasting effects of poor governance. Sometimes they work in groups or collectives, are helped by not-for-profit organisations or work for social businesses. We select our partners to ensure that these artisans make at least 10% above the average wage.



All our products are 100% vegan. Everything we sell is cruelty-free and free from animal derived additives. We only use organically grown ingredients.

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